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Importance of BBQ Cleaning

Most Canadians love to BBQ, especially during the warm Spring & Summer months. However very few Canadians look forward to the daunting task of taking apart and properly cleaning their BBQ’s. Although this dirty job isn’t the most exciting, it’s extremely important that it is done properly & regularly.


Celebrating Black History Month

Every February, people across Canada come together to celebrate and honour the contributions of the Black community in shaping our nation. It’s important to learn about the rich cultural heritage, achievements, and contributions of our Black community. Black History Month helps in recognizing as well as spreading awareness about these brilliant personalities that made an impact and continue to make an impact on this world.


Goemans Fireplaces and GoTek Radon

Goemans Fireplaces

Your favourite and trusted family-owned business, Goemans has been providing services and expertise in several areas of your home since 1978. We aim to provide you with a home that fits the needs of your family and provides you the comfort, satisfaction, and security that you and your family deserves.


Save On Your Energy Bills This Winter

Along with sweaters, holidays, and Christmas markets, Winter is also the season of high energy bills, especially because of the heat being constantly on and the amount of electricity the holiday lights use. Heating makes up for most of our electric bill during the winters and the colder it gets, the higher the bills get. We will try to help you save some money this winter, just like with did with our summer blog, using some simple tips and techniques. Since there isn’t much of a choice to turn down the heat during the winters as it’s a matter of survival, there still are some things that you can implement to avoid higher energy costs, without risking your health.


Home Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Fall is here and we need to be prepared for it as well as the upcoming cold. As fun and beautiful as Fall might be, it has its moments that make us dream of a longer Summer. We wish sweaters and hot beverages were all we needed to be prepared but there’s a lot more we need to do. Some of these home maintenance tips might be more difficult than the others but all of these should definitely be on your checklist to make the most of Fall and to welcome the Winter fully prepared.


Maintaining Your Washing Machine

Maintaining your washing machine has got to be one of the most procrastinated and uninteresting things to do, second only to folding your laundry. Nevertheless, it needs to be done regularly in order to prevent any wear and tear, and to extend their lives. Here are some easy tips that you should try to do every month or so (at least not as frequent as vacuuming, right?) to make sure your laundry comes out fresh and clean every time!


Understanding the Manufacturer Warranty

Warranties always seem to be a point of confusion and/or contention for a lot of customers when they purchase almost any costly item such as computers, tv’s and appliances. There’s typically a lot of fine print involved and details that could confuse consumers about how things work. While it may seem to be the last thing on your mind during your purchase, it’s important to clearly understand the warranty you get with your appliances – whether it’s the manufacturer warranty or an extended warranty.