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Save On Your Energy Bills This Winter

Along with sweaters, holidays, and Christmas markets, Winter is also the season of high energy bills, especially because of the heat being constantly on and the amount of electricity the holiday lights use. Heating makes up for most of our electric bill during the winters and the colder it gets, the higher the bills get. We will try to help you save some money this winter, just like with did with our summer blog, using some simple tips and techniques. Since there isn’t much of a choice to turn down the heat during the winters as it’s a matter of survival, there still are some things that you can implement to avoid higher energy costs, without risking your health.


Don’t Let The Heat Escape

Weatherstripping your doors and windows, along with door sweeps to cover the gap between the door and the floor can help you save a lot on heating and cooling costs. Drafts can enter or heat can escape through gaps or cracks created in your house due to electrical outlets, pipes, and uninsulated attics, basements, or walls. Sealing these gaps with foam insulation will also help you save a significant amount of energy.

Let The Sun In

You can take advantage of solar energy even without using solar panels. Just try to keep your curtains and blinds open during the day and take advantage of the greenhouse effect by letting the sun naturally warm your space. Then keep the curtains and blinds shut during the night to trap the heat. You can use insulated curtains and insulation on your windows to trap even more heat.

Use Your Appliances Efficiently

You can save a lot of energy by using your appliances efficiently. For example, doing big loads of laundry and dishes instead of running them frequently for smaller loads can help you save both electricity and water. Try washing your clothes in cold water which is still quite effective with the new machines, and try to time your loads so that the dryer doesn’t get a chance to cool down between loads. Avoid opening the oven door again and again to check on the progress of your food as it lowers the temperature inside. Also, if possible, try using heavy appliances like washing machines and dishwashers during the night time or off-peak hours.

Switch To A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat may seem like an expensive investment but it helps you save significantly on energy bills in the long-term. These smart/programmable thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled and they can automatically adjust the temperature to provide high energy efficiency. They even work when you’re asleep or away, or can be programmed to with temperature settings for different time of the day. They also learn your habits and preferences to provide efficiency and comfort.

Keep Doors and Vents of Unused Rooms Closed

If you have rooms in your house that are not being used, like storage or guest rooms, then make sure that you keep their doors and vents closed all the time. You can save some energy and money by not heating vacant rooms unnecessarily.

Unplug Unused Appliances

Some appliances use energy even when they are turned off but are left on standby. You can save a lot of electricity in the long-term by simply unplugging the appliances not being used or when you go away.

Go Old School

Decreasing your thermostat temperature by only a couple of degrees can make a huge difference in your electricity bill. You can compensate by keeping yourself warm with some layers or staying cozy with blankets, sweaters, and socks.


Apart from these, you can use some common yet effective solutions, use energy-efficient appliances, timer on your lights, keep your fireplace closed when not being used, use LED lights in your house and Christmas decorations, inspect and replace your furnace filters regularly, and more. You will realize how much difference these small steps can make in your energy bills.


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Published by Sarah - Goemans Appliance Expert on Wednesday, December 15th