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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Ho Ho Hope you’re done with your Christmas shopping. If you haven’t and you still can’t seem to decide what to get your loved ones, check out these amazingly creative and easy to make presents that would be more appreciated by them. These personalized and unique gifts would make you stand apart from everyone else and of course, there’s the added advantage of saving some money and a trip to the mall. So, let your creative juices and Christmas spirit flow and get to work before it’s too late.

Wine Bottle Sweater Sleeves

Two things everyone loves about winters, sweaters and wine, so why not dress up the wine in sweaters as well before you gift it to someone. Also, you have to agree that they would make really cute Christmas presents.

Click here for the steps.Sweater-Wine-Gift-Bag-at-thatswhatchesaid.net_


Embroidery Hoop Ornaments 

Let’s put your sewing skills to test with this one. We feel like these ornaments are some of the most personalized gifts that you can give to someone and you’ll feel great when you see your presents hanging on their Christmas tree! You can pick the designs that you find the most appealing or based on which ones are easier to make. (Surprisingly, the Christmas tree embroidery is the easiest)

Click here for the steps.  diy-christmas-gifts-embroidery-hoop-ornaments-1571340085


Cookie Snow Globes 

Isn’t this present just too sweet? Well, it depends on how much cookie dough you use. These delicious little treats shake and snow like a real snow globe and taste just like Christmas! You can also use them to serve desserts to your guests, along with some hot chocolate. Is it just us or is your mouth watering too?

Click here for the steps.



Christmas Light Leggings 

There’s one person in every group who’s totally obsessed with Christmas. If you don’t have that person in your Christmas gift list, then you are that person! Either way, here’s a perfect gift for that person (you). All you need is a pair of white leggings, some fabric, an iron, and a marker.

Click here for the


Colourful Camera Strap 

This DIY camera strap would be an amazing present for your photographer friend and it is pretty easy for you to create, even if you’re not quite the artist. You can choose from a number of design patterns and colours to create an absolutely unique gift for a shutterbug so they’ll think of you every time they take out their camera.

Click here for the steps. 



Corkboard World Map

Gift the world traveller in your life this DIY corkboard world map. You can put pins in all the places they have explored already and leave some extra pins for them for their future travels. It’s quite easy to make, especially if you use stencils.

Click here for the steps. diy-corkboard-world-map-1596491012 

Crayon Candles 

How cute do these brightly coloured candles look? If you have never tried making candles, this will be a fun new activity for you and it’s not as hard as it may sound. So, take out your old box of crayons that you haven’t used in a while and get crushing.

Click here for the steps.


We hope your friends and family love these DIY presents as much as you enjoy making them and they make this Christmas more special for all of you. Merry Christmas!


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Published by Kelly - Goemans Trend Blogger on Wednesday, December 15th