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Our Faves: Frigidaire Professional Refrigerator

Frigidaire has been a popular choice for consumers around the world for a long time. Frigidaire’s Professional Line, particularly the Professional 26.7 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator, offers high-quality, top-notch design, and the most innovative technology, at a price that would not make a huge hole in your pocket.


Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill

Heat is not the only thing that rises during the summer, our electric bill goes through the roof with it. Especially with most of us working from home now, we have been using more appliances than usual and for longer periods. Hence, apart from beating the heat, we also need to find ways to beat the ever-increasing electric bills. Lucky for you, we have some easy tips to help save money and the planet at the same time.


Our Faves: GE UltraFresh Laundry Set

Every once and a while there’s a company that comes along and creates a product that has answered consumers biggest dreams and desires. Well, that time has come again as GE introduces the Ultra Fresh Laundry Set. Built to remove the ‘front loader odour’ we all struggle with, the GE Ultra Fresh laundry set finally eliminates the need to leave the washer door open until your next load.  


Our Faves: Affordable Dishwashers

Since most Ontario residents have been at home a lot more than ever before, we’ve been seeing a big spike in demand for dishwashers. Whether you’re looking to upgrade, replace or buy your first dishwasher, we’ve got some fantastic, affordable choices for you.


Our Faves: Colourful Appliances

In a world where things feel a bit less fun and a bit more stressful, why not take the opportunity to add some colour and fun back into your life wherever you can. For a long time appliances have existed in the stainless steel, black and white colour spectrum, leaving little to the imagination, but in recent years things have begun to change. We’re seeing a lot more colour and customizable options from many brands recently and we are totally loving it. Out with bland, boring appliances in with colour and fun!


Our Faves: Restaurant Edition

As a family owned business we greatly value and understand the importance of supporting local. We do our best to shop and eat local as much as we can. With the recent changes the world is facing, we feel that supporting local businesses is more important than ever. This is why we wanted to share with you our FAVOURITE local restaurants. These are places we love to eat, celebrate and go out with our colleagues, friends and family. We hope you give them a try and share your own in the comments below or on our social feeds! Be sure to enter our contest on Instagram as well - nominate your favourite local restaurant and you could win a $200 Gift Card to eat there. 


Our Faves: BBQ Recipes

Nothing says summer more than opening up the grill and cooking up an awesome summer dinner for your friends and family. For us, it’s officially summer when we’ve got a beautiful steak and corn on the grill and a crisp drink in hand. At Goemans we’re crazy about barbecues so we wanted to share our favourite bbq recipes with you. Fire up your grill and enjoy!


Our Faves: Counter Top Appliances

When it comes to appliances most people focus on the big purchases; the refrigerator, the range, the dishwasher but don't forget the smaller but equally as important counter top appliances. Having some solid smaller appliances can make a big difference in your cooking routine. We've listed our favourites below but don't forget to share yours with us on our social channels.