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Learn More About Crown Verity Grills

Crown Verity, a widely popular brand for barbecue grills in North America, was founded in 1991 by Bill Verity. Bill wanted to build on the reputation of his ancestral legacy, Verity Plow Company, and establish a brand for grills that offers the same quality, innovation, and brand value. Crown Verity has been a popular choice for thousands of customers around North America ever since.

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Crown Verity offers high performance, premium quality, and excellent service in all of its product offerings. Initially established as a leading barbecue brand, it now offers patio heaters, accessories, and hand-washing stations. All of its products allow its customers to bring the experience and performance of professional kitchens outside. The grills are suitable for both residential and commercial use and are preferred by professional and amateur chefs alike. 

Versatility is a principle that Crown Verity strongly believes in. Crown Verity understands that every individual has different needs and not all spaces can accommodate a single standard size. That is why, they offer a wide range of sizes and variety in their cooking products, sinks, heaters, and accessories. Each of its products offers a built to last design and professional features that serve every need of its customers. 

Crown Verity grills are made from solid stainless steel from the body to the grates, hence built to last. They are hand crafted and manufactured proudly in Canada. It also offers a 360-degree protection with an industry-leading lifetime warranty. Crown Verity ensures that it offers the most effective grills in the industry and helps you showcase your barbecue skills like a pro. They maximize the grill surface by utilizing the whole area to evenly spread the heat, thus making more room for your larger barbecue parties. Their burners are highly efficient and consistent and can get to 700 degrees in only six minutes. Every unit is highly convenient and easy to clean. So, you can be a hit among all your friends and family and host as many barbecue parties as you want. 


Crown Verity offers the following types of grills,

Mobile Grills 

These are suitable if you don’t have a fixed spot for the grill in your house. As the name suggests, they are easy to move and have wheels attached to them.

Mobile Grill


Modular Grills

These are the most common types of grills you see. They are not installed and fixed so they can be moved but are not as easy to move as mobile grills. 

Modular Grill

Built-in Grills

Built-in grills are permanently installed and cannot be moved. If you have a fixed space for your grill, you can go for this to create a beautiful outdoor kitchen for your house.

Built-in Grill

Other product offerings include, hand-washing stations or sinks, patio heaters, accessories, and spare parts.


Get yourself a Crown Verity grill this barbecue season for the best grilling experience. Learn more about Crown Verity and check out its latest collection on our website.


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Published by Peter from Goemans on Thursday, April 21st