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How To Maintain Your Laundry Machines

Taking care of your laundry machines is crucial to ensure they work efficiently and last longer. As an expert in the field, we have some valuable tips to help you maintain both your washing machine and dryer.


Samsung Bespoke Laundry

Introducing the latest addition to your laundry room - the sleek and modern Samsung Bespoke laundry set. With its futuristic design and innovative technology, this pair is designed with style in mind. Whether you prefer a traditional side by side setup or want to elevate your space with stylish pedestals, this laundry set offers endless possibilities.


Our Faves: LG WashTower

If you have a limited amount of space and you are looking to purchase a new washer and dryer, look no further than the new LG WashTower.  The size of the LG WashTower is one part of what makes this washer and dryer pair one of the best stacked units on the market. It is equipped with a wide range of washer and dryer programs and cycle options, as well as special features that make it an unmatched laundry centre. 


Maytag Pet Pro Laundry Pair

As a pet owner, it's no secret that keeping your clothes and linens free of pet hair can be a challenge. Luckily, the Maytag Pet Pro laundry pair is here to make that struggle a thing of the past.


Our Faves: GE Ultra Fresh Laundry Pair

The GE Ultra Fresh Laundry Pair (GFW550SMNWW / GFD55GSSNWW) is a powerful combination of a washer and dryer that is designed to make laundry day a breeze. With an extra-large capacity, this laundry pair can handle large loads of laundry with ease – great for families with lots of laundry!


Best Eco-Friendly Washers

Households are among the major emitters of greenhouse gases which in turn contribute to global warming. Energy efficient appliances help you save money on your utility bills while at the same time reducing the toll on the environment. Eco-friendly washers consume less energy and water and because of their lower carbon footprint, they can also help you get some tax benefits. Switching your old washers with new energy efficient models will also offer newer technological features, better design, and higher performance. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular energy efficient washers in 2022. 


Maintaining Your Washing Machine

Maintaining your washing machine has got to be one of the most procrastinated and uninteresting things to do, second only to folding your laundry. Nevertheless, it needs to be done regularly in order to prevent any wear and tear, and to extend their lives. Here are some easy tips that you should try to do every month or so (at least not as frequent as vacuuming, right?) to make sure your laundry comes out fresh and clean every time!


Our Faves: GE UltraFresh Laundry Set

Every once and a while there’s a company that comes along and creates a product that has answered consumers biggest dreams and desires. Well, that time has come again as GE introduces the Ultra Fresh Laundry Set. Built to remove the ‘front loader odour’ we all struggle with, the GE Ultra Fresh laundry set finally eliminates the need to leave the washer door open until your next load.  


Laundry Room Gadgets

It’s no secret that doing laundry is not the most exciting household chore. Let’s face it, it’s about as thrilling as waiting in line at the post office. The problem is, we all need to do it, sometimes more often than not, especially if you have kids at home.

Luckily these days, there are some pretty cool tools, appliances and add-ons that you can use in your laundry room to make it slightly more exciting and can even be super helpful.  We’ve sought out the best laundry room gadgets that you can use, to make this ever so boring task, a little less so.