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Laundry Room Gadgets

Laundry Room Gadgets

It’s no secret that doing laundry is not the most exciting household chore. Let’s face it, it’s about as thrilling as waiting in line at the post office. The problem is, we all need to do it, sometimes more often than not, especially if you have kids at home.

Luckily these days, there are some pretty cool tools, appliances and add-ons that you can use in your laundry room to make it slightly more exciting and can even be super helpful.  We’ve sought out the best laundry room gadgets that you can use, to make this ever so boring task, a little less so.



First, let’s start with a problem that many people have with their front load washing machines; the smell! It can be a common complaint with this particular type of washing machine, because mildew can build up on the rubber on the door causing a terrible smell which basically undoes the hard work your washing machine just did. This is why we’re in LOVE with the Laundry Lasso!  This inventive little gadget uses a bungee cord and some suction cups to keep the door propped open, even if you bump into it! Many appliance manufacturers recommend keeping the door open as much as possible to prevent mold and mildew buildup but in tight spaces it can be almost impossible. The Laundry Lasso is a perfect way to keep the smell at bay!


With the amazing appliance technology available these days (like steam closets) you may rarely find a use for an ironing board, or may just simply not have the space. If you do have a need to iron but are lacking storage space, we found this awesome Ironing Mat that has magnets inside, preventing it from sliding off your table or dryer. It’s super convenient for at home use or even travel, since it rolls up tightly and can be stored anywhere! It makes ironing anything really easy and fast. 


Next on our list may not apply to everyone, but we think this Collapsible Laundry Basket is absolute genius! It’s great because it can hold a large capacity of clothing, sheets, toys etc. and it folds into itself for easy storage. There’s no need to clear a whole shelf in your laundry room for it, or have it take up a portion of your kids bedroom floor - just collapse it and store it. Doing your laundry has never looked this good!

Missing Socks

Ah, the ever so clever escaping socks. It’s like they do it on purpose, as if they’re trying to find freedom, far away from our smelly feet. Thanks to The Loc-a-Soc sock clip, our socks can no longer go off on their own, searching for a new destiny. These sock clips are designed specifically to keep your pairs of socks together, you simply push your sock toes through the clip and they’re locked in. The clips are also colour coded, so you don’t have to spend time trying to determine which family member owns which pair. They’re lightweight, easy to use and won’t tear the sock fabric, no matter how delicate. The also have different sizes for various sock weights, so you can keep your heavy winter socks AND your light gym socks together, no matter what. 

How To

Not only is this Laundry Mat a cute addition to any laundry room, it’s super helpful at the same time. The material is squishy and soft, perfect for giving your feet a nice rest while you’re folding laundry. To top it off, it also includes all the washing symbols you need to remember when putting on a load. Now there's no need to google them to try and decipher if the big triangle means bleach or don't bleach. 

This is just the top of the list of the cool gadgets and tools out there that can help make your laundry experience slightly more exciting, there are tons more ideas online and even cooler appliances to match them. So don’t write off doing the laundry just yet, try adding these neat gadgets to your routine and spice things up! 

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Published by The Goemans Family on Friday, March 8th