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Open Door Drying Dishwashers

If you've never heard of this fantastic dishwasher feature - we've got the breakdown for you below and why we think it's a great timesaver! 

According to manufacturers, the open door drying allows steam from the dishwasher to escape, reducing condensation within. The residual heat of the machine then allows the load to dry naturally without the use of additional energy. It is a simple and effortless solution to a major dishwashing complaint.


Our Faves: KitchenAid

It was in 1914 that engineer Herbert Johnston at The Hobart Manufacturing Company had an idea. While watching a baker mix by hand, he thought there must be a better way to do this.


Ordering The Correct Door Swing

The left or right door swing of an appliance is a great thing to consider, to allow the optimal flow and use of space in your kitchen. But, how do you know what you need? The first thing to do is determine where you plan to place the appliance and think about the layout. Consider the workspace and traffic flow and see what makes sense.


How to Keep Stainless Steel Shiny

Stainless steel appliances are a popular choice, and in almost every household. They are well known for style – a sleek contemporary or beefy professional look, plus they resist rust and corrosion. The downside of stainless steel? It may seem like it’s hardly ever clean due to fingerprints, smudges, and water stains. That’s especially true if you have kids in the house.


How to BBQ This Winter

Like many Canadians, we don’t let winter stop us from doing very much. One of those things is BBQing! We wanted to share some of the best ways so you can ensure you get the most out of the winter BBQ season!


Radon Awareness Month

Here at Goemans we love our customers and when we can bring you information that helps you and your family - we get right on board.  That's why we are sharing this important information with you about Radon Awareness Month. 


Get Smart About Smart Appliances

When it comes to smart appliances, it seems there are two kinds of consumers.  Those that are tech minded and get excited about new innovations, and those who feel intimidated and want to avoid any appliances that involve wi-fi altogether.  For the latter I say, just about every new model when launched has wi-fi so we cannot avoid them.  It won’t be much longer before we will see all of them have connectivity. 


Importance of BBQ Cleaning

Most Canadians love to BBQ, especially during the warm Spring & Summer months. However very few Canadians look forward to the daunting task of taking apart and properly cleaning their BBQ’s. Although this dirty job isn’t the most exciting, it’s extremely important that it is done properly & regularly.


Our Faves: Bosch Dishwasher SHPM88Z75N

Bosch, a brand that has been providing high quality, innovative, and reliable appliances around the world for a long time. Bosch appliances are widely popular and trusted by a vast majority of customers, especially its dishwashers. Bosch dishwashers are known to be the industry's quietest dishwashers in North America. 


Home Maintenance Tips For Spring

After enduring months of freezing weather and the complications that come with it, it’s finally time for our reward! The time of the year that we all have been waiting for, Spring season! Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of blooming flowers, the sight of trees getting their leaves back, and the perfect weather for an outdoor picnic? But before we can skip to the good part, there are some not so glamorous tasks for us to do in order to make the most of Spring. One of these includes preparing our homes for the season. We have compiled here a checklist for you that will cover the most important things to prepare your home for Spring and the following Summer.

Let’s get to work!