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Interior Designer Amanda Shields on Designing Your Kitchen

So, you want to make your kitchen not just any room, but your room – where everything is just the way you like it, from the layout to the appliances, and it all works just right for your life. Sounds good, right? Let’s break it down into simple steps to get your kitchen from okay to awesome, without getting all tangled up in the details.

Figuring Out Your Kitchen Life: Before we dive into rearranging everything, take a moment to think about how you use your kitchen. Are you whipping up gourmet meals, or is your microwave your best friend? This isn’t about judging your cooking; it’s about making sure your kitchen fits what you actually do in it. So, dream a little about what you want, and let’s make it happen.

The Magic Triangle: Heard of the work triangle? It’s about keeping your stove, fridge, and sink in a setup that makes you feel like a kitchen ninja – moving smoothly and efficiently. It's like setting up your kitchen so you can do your thing without extra steps or obstacles.

Smart Spaces: Big or small, every kitchen can be a powerhouse with the right tricks. Think about sneaky storage solutions like under-the-counter bins or over-the-door racks. It’s all about making the most of what you’ve got, so every pot, pan, and spoon has its place, and you can still find your way around.


Appliance Smarts: Picking appliances is a bit like matchmaking – you want the ones that fit your kitchen’s style and your cooking habits. Love a modern look? Sleek, stainless steel pieces might be your jam. Want your kitchen to look seamless? Built-in models are your friends. Remember, it’s about making your life easier and your kitchen cooler.

Invest Wisely: Yes, appliances can be a bit of a wallet hit, but think of them as the kitchen’s MVPs. Go for quality brands that won’t let you down. It’s better to shell out a bit more now than to end up with a lemon that quits on you mid-batch of cookies.

Your Kitchen, Your Rules: This is where it gets fun. Love wine? A wine fridge could be a game-changer. Into baking? Maybe you need a double oven. This is about tailoring your kitchen to fit your passions and make every cooking adventure a little bit easier.


Balancing Act: Getting the right feel in your kitchen is about balancing sizes and proportions. You don’t want a giant fridge in a tiny kitchen or a teeny oven if you’re cooking for a crowd. Aim for a vibe that feels just right, with enough room to move and groove.

Light Up Your World: Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Mix it up with bright lights for chopping and softer lights for sipping coffee. It’s about creating the right mood and making sure you can see what you’re doing, whether you’re dicing onions or chilling with a magazine.

Personality Plus: Finally, this is your chance to sprinkle a little bit of you all over the kitchen. Funky drawer pulls, a splash of paint on the walls, or even just some cool art can make your kitchen feel like a part of your home, not just a place to cook.



So, there you have it – a guide to making your kitchen work for you, with a dash of style and a whole lot of functionality. Remember, the best kitchen is one that reflects your lifestyle and lets you enjoy every moment you spend in it. Happy designing!

Published by Amanda Shields on Tuesday, March 19th