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Kitchen Gadgets That Make Life Easier

We get it, there are always new and 'hot' kitchen gadgets that you have to get your hands on, but do you find yourself using them once and never again? It happens - a lot! That's why we created this list - the kitchen gadgets that actually make your life easier and that you'll use again.. and again... and again. 


Sharp Air Purifiers

So, do you need an air purifier? We just went through two years of where we all wished we had something to help us get through the fear of getting sick. An air purifier cannot promise we won’t get sick, but it sure does help.


Must Have Small Kitchen Appliances

While the major appliances like refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers take up all the limelight and space, there are many small appliances that your kitchen must have to enhance its accessibility and convenience, without taking up much room. You can decide which ones are more suitable for you depending upon your kitchen size, lifestyle, and needs. We will try to explain how these can add value in your everyday life and make your life even more comfortable. 


7 Surprising Functions of a Microwave

The microwave has got to be one of the most convenient and useful appliances in our kitchen. It saves us time, energy, and the trouble of washing extra dishes. But if you’re only using your microwave to re-heat your food and beverages, make popcorn, or those late-night instant noodles, you’re not utilizing its full potential. Below we have outlined seven amazing uses of a microwave, that will not only surprise you but will also make your life easier.


Our Faves: Counter Top Appliances

When it comes to appliances most people focus on the big purchases; the refrigerator, the range, the dishwasher but don't forget the smaller but equally as important counter top appliances. Having some solid smaller appliances can make a big difference in your cooking routine. We've listed our favourites below but don't forget to share yours with us on our social channels.