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How to Prepare for Your Appliance Installation

Did you know that there are certain things that must be in place before installation? Or things that you should do to make sure everything goes according to plan? A little bit of preparedness can save you time and money, ensuring that your installation can be completed on time without a hitch.


Your Space & Connections

Ensure that your space is fully prepared before your installation date. This includes having cabinets and  countertops installed and all necessary ducting, electrical, gas, or water requirements in place. Be sure the correct 120- or 220-volt outlet or connection is available and positioned correctly according to the manufacturer's specifications. Small details like a misaligned gas line can cause issues, leading to rescheduling or additional trips for installers. By taking care of these basics beforehand, you can avoid delays and extra costs in completing your project.


Appliances can be quite heavy, and it's important that they are placed where they need to be installed, ahead of installation. Installers are typically one person or work in pairs, and while they are there to connect and secure your appliance, they are not equipped to move it long distances. Let the delivery drivers handle the transportation of your appliance to the installation location. If your space isn't prepared yet, it's best to delay the delivery rather than trying to find temporary storage for the appliance.


When purchasing appliances for a new home construction or a renovation, always remember to grab the spec package from your salesperson and share it with the designer, contractor, etc. This step is crucial to ensure that everything fits perfectly.

When replacing an existing appliance, make sure you have the model number on hand to provide to your salesperson. Not all 30” wall ovens or 36” fridges are created equal in size, height, or depth. These details are essential to consider.

Washers and Dryers

If you plan to install laundry in a closet, make sure to inform your sales person in advance so they can ensure that your selections are suitable for the space. Are you considering a gas or electric dryer? It's important to be aware that they have different electrical requirements, so simply capping the gas line won't suffice if you want to switch to electric. It's also important to know what outlets are accessible behind your current machines and whether the dryer needs side venting, which often necessitates a separate side vent kit purchase.


Site Inspection

Our friendly installation experts are happy to come out and perform a site inspection to ensure that your replacement product fits perfectly into your existing space. They are here to help answer any questions or address any doubts you may have. This service is invaluable in saving you money and headaches by ensuring that the items delivered are the right fit for you and your space.


#1 Most Important Thing – Communication

Communicate openly with your salesperson about your space, existing items, expectations, questions, and concerns. This will help us ensure that you are set up for success with the correct appliance, perfect fit, and seamless installation service, allowing you to avoid stress and appreciate the final outcome.

Published by Tianna S. on Thursday, April 18th