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Samsung Bespoke Laundry

Introducing the latest addition to your laundry room - the sleek and modern Samsung Bespoke laundry set. With its futuristic design and innovative technology, this pair is designed with style in mind. Whether you prefer a traditional side by side setup or want to elevate your space with stylish pedestals, this laundry set offers endless possibilities. Plus, it comes in a variety of stunning colours including black, silver stainless, brushed navy, and the new forest green, allowing you to transform your laundry room into a statement area that goes beyond just utility.


The Technology

The Samsung Bespoke pair is equipped with advanced AI OptiWash and AI optimal dry technologies. So, what does this mean for you? It means that you can simply toss your laundry into the machine, and the washer will automatically detect the type of clothes, the amount of laundry, and the soil level. This allows the unit to adjust the temperature, water fill level, and detergent needed to ensure your clothes come out perfectly clean and unharmed.

But that's not all. The Optimal Dry feature takes care of your freshly washed clothes by detecting their moisture level and setting the dry cycle and temperature accordingly. This prevents any damage from over-drying. And with the AI smart dial, you can do your laundry as usual while the smart dial helps you determine the best cleaning options. You can even set custom cycle lists for the options you use most.

Need to save time? The Bespoke pair offers speed wash and dry cycles. With the speed wash and speed dry options, you can have your clothes cleaned and dried within an hour. The complete wash cycle takes just 28 minutes, while the speed dry cycle takes only 30 minutes.

If you're looking for a stacked unit but don't want the hassle of using a step stool every time you need to use the dryer, the Samsung Bespoke has got you covered. Its stacking and multi-control combo kit goes beyond simply placing a dryer on top of a washer. This kit seamlessly links the washer and the dryer, allowing you to control both units from the washing machine's control panel.

And let's not forget about energy efficiency. The Bespoke laundry set is Energy Star certified, ensuring high efficiency and special recognition for its features that optimize water levels, as well as wash and dry time. With the Bespoke pair, you can have a laundry room that not only reflects your style but also meets your laundry needs with cutting-edge technology.



The sleek lines of the new Samsung Bespoke laundry set exude a sense of cleanliness and sophistication. The units' squared edges add a crisp and modern touch to their overall appearance. With a single dial on the front of the unit, it maintains an uncluttered and streamlined look. Additionally, the built-in detergent dispenser allows for multiple washes without the need to keep bottles right next to the machine. When stacked, the units seamlessly blend together, creating a unified look that resembles an all-in-one machine. This eliminates the worry of having to purchase both units if one breaks down.

Now let's talk about the stunning colour options. If you want to showcase your style prowess and stay ahead of the trend, the Forest Green colour is a statement choice. Don't worry, it's not an overpowering shade of green. It's dark enough to blend in while still adding a subtle pop of colour that will make others envy the laundry oasis you've created. This colour choice brings a sense of tranquility to your laundry room, allowing you to find a little peace in your daily chores. However, if you're not quite ready for green in your laundry room, there are still classic colour options available, including black, stainless, and navy. These colours offer the same beautiful look and a variety of setup options to suit your preferences. Click to view on our website.

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Navy and black options offer you a smaller unit losing .8 cu ft of space in the washer (5.3 cu ft) and just over 3” depth (31.3”) for those who want the units but need a little more space in the laundry room.

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Samsung is determined to revolutionize the way we do laundry, and they're ready to make a statement. With their sleek and innovative Bespoke laundry pair, they're not just offering a new look, but a complete transformation of the laundry experience. By seamlessly connecting the washer and dryer when stacked, they're making life easier and more convenient. And with the power of AI technology, these units work for you, detecting the type of clothes, adjusting temperature and water levels, and even offering custom cycle options. Samsung is proudly declaring their presence and urging you to take notice - they're the unit you deserve and need.

Published by Wesley T. on Friday, July 21st