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Spotlight: Vent-A-Hood

Ventilation is one of those things you probably never thought about until you had to renovate your kitchen or if you were building a new house. It’s something that is really important to a kitchen in terms of safety as well as aesthetic. Vent-A-Hood has been a staple in the kitchen appliance industry for over 80 years and specializes in custom ventilation bringing it to the forefront for many homes across North America. 

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First the basics: a ventilation hood is something that typically goes above a range, stove or cooktop and helps ventilate the heat, smoke and odours created when cooking. If you want to get really sophisticated, you can get a ventilation hood that can trap airborne grease. Ultimately, it’s a fan built into a canopy or hood.  

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For us at Goemans, Vent-A-Hood is one of the best ventilation options available to consumers. They are built with the highest quality craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. Since they are a custom product, the design options are also endless. You can have something subtle to fit perfectly into a custom kitchen, or a statement piece created to be the centre of the kitchen.

The Vent-A-Hood patented Magic Lung technology combines quality craftsmanship with award-winning technology. The Magic Lung works hard to rid the air of any heat, grease, odour, smoke and steam, while staying as quiet as a mouse. It’s so quiet you don’t ever have to worry about it interrupting any dinner conversation.

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Needless to say we're big fans (no pun intended) of the Vent-A-Hood brand. Quality products that are built to last can be hard to find these days. We're always impressed when the passion of a company carries through for generations and doesn't lose touch of how it started and why it started in the first place. If you're looking to add ventilation into your home, there are many great options out there and Vent-A-Hood definitely stands at the top. 

Published by Peter from Goemans on Friday, October 4th