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Our Faves: Miele's Knock2Open Dishwasher

For anyone that is not familiar, Miele is a German appliance brand that has been producing premium appliances for over 120 years. What sets them apart from so many other appliance brands is that to this day over 90% of the components in their appliances are still made in Germany. Yes, this does contribute to higher prices however it also contributes to high quality, long lasting products.
Miele has a number of dishwashers on the market, from their pre-finished dishwashers that can easily replace your old unit, to fully integrated which are built to fully match the cabinetry in your kitchen. There are many to choose from that can meet and address whatever needs you have when it comes to dish washing in your home.  

Each Miele dishwasher features four washing cycles – all which are pretty self-explanatory; Normal Wash, Rinse & Hold, Sanitize and Pots & Pans. The top rack is fully adjustable with a 3rd rack included for silverware. The plus side of this 3rd rack is that it frees up space below where the cutlery basket usually is, allowing for larger loading capacity. It is also the only dishwasher that features top, middle and bottom wash arms, so you know your dishes will be spotless at the end of the day.


Another great feature is the drying cycle – which is considered to be a true dry. It is designed to pull in the colder air from outside the dishwasher, instead of utilizing only internal hot air, which will effectively dry your dishes so you don’t have to spend time wiping them off after you take them out. Miele dishwashers also sit within the 37 dBs to 47 dBs range, meaning they are very quiet.

On top of all those fantastic features Miele has included a Knock2Open feature on some of their latest models. Many of you may wonder if this feature is really necessary but for those who spend time loading greasy pots and pans, cutlery and plates into their dishwasher many times a day it can be a godsend. It’s like the idea of the touch activated kitchen faucet, you’re not sure if you really need it, but when you have it you can’t imagine having anything else. It just makes things a bit smoother overall.

Another plus of the Knock2Open and don’t scoff at us for saying this, is that the design is quite stunning and really lends itself to a modern kitchen design that doesn’t want appliances screaming out at you when you walk in. These days you can get stunning refrigerators with front panels to match the cabinetry, why can’t your dishwasher have the same level of luxury? No handle, no problem – just knock. Worried about toddlers having a bit too much fun with it? There’s a lock option if needed.

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 9.40.37 AM

The dishwasher also features subtle LED lights that indicate when the dishwasher is running as with many premium dishwashers these days, the buttons are now located internally on a panel.

Knock2Open or not, Miele is creating quality, long lasting products with premium features that are meeting consumer needs. They may not have the same flare as some other companies when it comes to their appliances, but that’s not the point. The point is, Miele is quality and consistency and you have to agree – the Knock2Open is pretty cool!

Published by Kelly - Goemans Trend Blogger on Friday, October 4th