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Cozy Winter Recipes

For us in Ontario, it has been a quick switch from cold to colder since Halloween has passed. There was definitely no time wasted to get us prepped for the snowy weather that is almost at our doorstep. I’m not sure about you but I am not ready whatsoever for snow tires, scarves and lighting up my fireplace just yet.
That being said, one thing I will embrace quickly are those cozy winter recipes! The ones that light you up inside with stick-to-your-ribs hearty goodness. The soups, the casseroles, the (boozy) hot chocolates. Those recipes that are passed down from generation to generation the ones that get you through your kids runny noses and keep your fingers from freezing off after an afternoon of shovelling the snow (and maybe a bit of snowball fighting). Below is a selection of our favourite cozy, warm-up its winter recipes for you to try out this season – or any season for that matter. So tuck in and enjoy!

French Onion Soup from Fraiche Nutrition

French Onion Soup is likely to be the coziest of all the soups out there. Cheese, bread, broth – how can you go wrong? This one by one of our favourite Cookbook Authors and Nutritionists Tori Wesszer includes parmesan thyme croutons which just makes this soup even more delicious!  For the full recipe click here

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Stuffed Curried Aubergines from Jamie Oliver

I don’t know about you but it seems that when most people think of ‘cozy’ or winter recipes, meat somehow is usually involved. Well I am of the belief that vegetables can be cozy too! What better way to make vegetables even more delicious than by stuffing them with creamy, mouth-watering curry?  Get the recipe by clicking here!

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Braised Lamb Shanks with Creamy Polenta from The Kitchn

Anything braised sounds delicious to us. It also sounds delicious because it’s not overly difficult to braise meat and it makes you look super impressive to your dinner guests! This recipe is so tasty and hearty it should definitely make it on your list of must cook dishes for this winter.  Get cooking with the full recipe here!

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Creamy Three Meat Ragu with Pappardelle & Burrata from Rachel Ray

We love pasta all year round here at Goemans. It’s such a flexible dinner option, add meat, cheese, veggies or have it cold as a salad – the flavour combinations are endless! Rachel Ray always does pasta justice and this recipe is no exception. It is so soul warming and delicious, just the perfect thing to have on a cold winters night. Get the recipe here!

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Yes, we specialize in selling appliances here at Goemans, but we are also people who own appliances and cook with them too! We hope you enjoy eating these heart-warming meals this winter season and enjoy cooking them as much as we do!

Published by Peter from Goemans on Monday, November 4th