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Range Types Decoded

If it's been a while since you shopped for a range (stove) for your home, things may look a bit different. The industry is often changing, adjusting to meet consumer needs, and adding in some pretty cool features like wi-fi and built in digital in recipes. Below we've broken down the various style types of ranges you can now purchase.  

Rear Control Range is a range that can be put anywhere in the kitchen. It doesn’t require counter tops on both sides for it to fit properly, as it has finished sides. Though most ranges these days have finished sides no matter the type, the most versatile would be Rear Control. With a Rear Control Range the control panel is on the back and sits against the backsplash. These are typically the most affordable and easiest ranges to work with. Rear control ranges come in 24” or 30” width. 

An important note to keep in mind when replacing your current Rear Control Range is how your backsplash looks behind it. Sometimes with Rear Control Ranges the backsplash may not be carried down far enough, exposing the wall. If you replace your Rear Control Range with a front control this is definitely something you'll want to take a look at before hand. 

Rear Control Ranges are usually fuelled by electricity and can at times can be fuelled by gas and electricity. 

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Front Control Range is similar in concept to the rear control however as you can guess, the main difference is the controls are in the front. They have the same depth as rear control ranges and the sizing is the same at 24” or 30” width as well. A while back front control ranges were known as ‘slide-in’ ranges however most ‘slide-in’ ranges now have finished sides, so you don’t have to worry about having your cabinetry built around them.

Front Control Ranges typically are fuelled either by electricity, gas or induction. 

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A Professional  Range is a front control range that typically has a higher BTU (British Thermal Unit) output, meaning a higher-level heat and come in a variety of sizes ranging from 24” up to 60”. Most professional ranges look more ‘commercial’ but some like the Wolf range are incredible stylish and work well in many homes. These ranges usually have optional add-ons  such as griddle, French and grill tops along with induction elements and can be paired with steam ovens as well.

Professional Ranges typically are gas or dual fuelled, and sometimes include induction elements. 

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Published by Sarah - Goemans Appliance Expert on Thursday, October 22nd