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Delicious & Affordable Holiday Meal Ideas

Holiday gatherings look a bit different this year for many of us. Smaller gatherings and smaller budgets mean it’s time to get creative in the kitchen. The good thing is, there are so many delicious meals you can cook up without breaking the bank and most meals will leave you with leftovers for the next day – saving you money and time to enjoy your family that much more. Check our some of our favourite affordable and delicious holiday meal ideas below!

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs – Epicurious

Have you ever tasted short ribs and thought it was anything less than fabulous? The best part of short ribs is that they taste like heaven and are pretty cost effective. The red wine in this recipe doesn’t have to be expensive and if you can find short ribs on sale – you’re golden! Get the recipe here.
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Stuffed Pork Tenderloin – Natasha’s Kitchen

Pork tenderloin can sometimes be a hit or miss, but this one, stuffed with bacon and mushrooms is most definitely a hit. Pork tenderloin is great because it’s a super affordable meat and not too difficult to cook – the cook time on this is key to keep it juicy and moist. Try out the full recipe here.

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 1.18.03 PM
Grandma’s Baked Ziti (Vegetarian) – Trial & Eater

If you haven’t had baked ziti before, this is a MUST for the holiday season, or any season to be honest. Ziti is basically pasta baked with loads of cheese. It’s not the healthiest option but it will please the pickiest eaters and is a really nice treat for the holidays. Access the recipe here.

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Slow Cooker Boeuf Bourguignon – One Clever Chef

Boeuf Bourguignon was one of my Mom’s favourite meals to cook. It’s such a cozy, stick to your ribs meal but it can take a lot of time and effort to make. This recipe from One Clever Chef saves you a lot of effort and it's gluten free! Check it out here.  

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We hope you enjoy these delicious meals and give some of them a try this holiday season! Try your best to plan out your meals ahead of time, shop using coupons and markdowns (a lot of these ingredients you can buy ahead and freeze). If you plan, you’ll definitely save yourself time, money and stress.


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Published by Peter from Goemans on Tuesday, December 1st