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Appliance Trends in 2020

The beginning of a new year is always exciting! In the appliance industry it means the release of new appliance technology, design changes and the launch of new product lines. There are a variety of industry shows to look forward to as well, like the Interior Design Show and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. Appliance brands will showcase the latest and greatest from their collections and create anticipation and excitement for the coming year!

So here is a sneak peek into the latest and greatest trends we here at Goemans are the most excited for!



For years, most appliances have been available in three colours: white, black and stainless steel. Basic colours that are easy to match with almost every kitchen, but boring to say the least. Kitchens are no longer just about food. Kitchens are about conversation, style, family and friends which is why we’re seeing more appliance brands releasing appliances that are as unique as the people who own them. In 2020 you’ll be seeing brands like KitchenAid release a wider array of colour options that will suit your wildest dreams. You also still have the classics like La Cornue and Smeg who have always had brighter colour and customization options.

Café appliances takes the colour trend one step further and offer not only more unique colour options like matte white, but also allows you to mix and match the hardware; think matte white fridge with rose gold handles. Individuality is such a big thing these days, why shouldn’t your appliances be as unique as you are?



It’s pretty hard to ignore the effect that climate change has on our planet these days. You don’t have to be Greta Thunberg to want to purchase appliance that will help save some energy usage. Energy efficient appliances are a win win for everyone – including our planet. Not only do they help cut down on overall energy usage, they help cut down your utility bill costs and with the Government of Canada’s Energy Rebate – we’re able to offer our customers an additional 25% off select Eco Appliances.

Dishwasher, dryers and washing machines are the most common Eco Appliances however certain brands, like this LG 33” French Door Refrigerator  also are considered as Eco Appliances and apply for the rebate. If you’re looking more in the cooking category, cooktops tend to be much more energy efficient overall – especially those that are induction, like this JennAir Floating Glass 30” Induction Cooktop. Overall buying energy efficient appliances just makes sense for your wallet short term and long term.  



Another trend we’re seeing again this year are discrete appliances. We consider these appliances that sit right in your kitchen but you can’t tell that they’re there. Most of these appliances are known as ‘Panel Ready’ as you can add panels to the front that match your cabinets exactly. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between your refrigerator door and a cupboard door, giving your kitchen a classy and seamless look. Appliance brands like SubZero, JennAir and even some KitchenAid, offer Panel Ready options.

As we saw earlier, appliances are also becoming available in a wider range of colour so having appliances match your coloured cabinets is a lot easier. Dacor also offers a colour matching program which will match your appliances to the exact shade of your cupboards. You simply purchase your Dacor appliances and send them your cupboard colour swatch and they will do the rest. The appliances are hand painted in California using a special paint that won’t fade over time.




If you’re a foodie on any level, we’re sure you’ve heard by now about Air Frying. If not, Air Frying is basically a healthier way to ‘fry’ food. Most Air Fryers are smaller countertop appliances which use hot air to crisp up your food, the same way it would if it was deep fried. Great frozen food or crispy chicken skin, chicken wings or even mozzarella sticks, the Air Fryer gets the job done on a healthier level as is uses mostly hot air and not loads of hot oil.

Last year Frigidaire released this 30” Induction Range with an Air Fryer which we found pretty cool. It saves your from adding another small appliance to your countertop and isn’t overly costly. We’re expecting to see this trend appear in even more Ranges in 2020, as an added feature.


Overall 2020 looks like a pretty significant year for the appliance industry. We’re seeing more smart appliances, flexibility in colour and sizing and even more cool technology involved.

Published by Kelly - Goemans Trend Blogger on Sunday, January 19th