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What to Discuss with Your Sales Person on Private Sale Weekend

When considering a new appliance purchase, having assistance throughout the process is invaluable. This is where the salesperson comes in to guide you. While they may not possess mind-reading abilities, you can help aid your salesperson in understanding your needs. Here are a few tips on how to effectively communicate your preferences and requirements to ensure you find the perfect appliance. 



There are plenty of options available in the market to choose from, but not every option will meet your specific needs. For instance, when it comes to selecting a fridge, they come in a range of widths from 15” to 48” and heights from 30” to 88”. With so many variables to consider, simply saying “I need a fridge” is just the starting point.

When searching for units, if you are replacing an existing unit, it's helpful to bring in the model number of your current appliance. This allows the sales team to determine the width and height of your current unit, making it easier to find a suitable replacement.

If you are planning a full kitchen renovation and don’t have specific spacing requirements yet because everything will be tailored around the fridge you choose, provide the size of your kitchen. For instance, a galley kitchen may not be suitable for a large built-in fridge.

By sharing these measurements, a salesperson can provide recommendations on what would work best in your space, ultimately streamlining the selection process from a vast array of options to just a few that fit your needs.



Your preferences matter to the salesperson because their goal is to ensure your satisfaction with your final choices. Your happiness is their priority, as it reflects on their business success. Style is a personal preference, not everyone follows the latest trends. For example, while the new Blue Salt line from KitchenAid may be trendy, it doesn't mean you want all your appliances in a pale blue colour.

Consider if you prefer panel-ready units to seamlessly blend in with your kitchen decor. Think about whether you prefer a cooktop and wall oven or a range with a combined cooktop and oven. Will you opt for a fridge with just a freezer or have a separate all-freezer unit?

Decide if you prefer a side-by-side fridge, one with the freezer on the bottom, on top, or French doors. Consider if a portable dishwasher that can be tucked away after use suits your needs, or if a built-in dishwasher is a better option.Your style choices transform a house into a home where you feel comfortable. These decisions apply to your kitchen, and we haven't even delved into the possibilities for your laundry room yet.

 When looking at a new purchase it is good to have help with the process. This is where the salesperson steps in. Now you have help how do you get the best out of this help? Sadly, we have not found an entire team that is able to read minds, I’m sorry. This is where you can help your salesperson, below are a few things that you can do to help your them get you what you are looking for.



It's important to consider your budget when discussing options with your salesperson. Whether you have a flexible budget or a firm one, let them know so they can offer the best units for your needs. A smaller budget doesn't necessarily mean lower quality units; it just means the features may differ from top-of-the-line units used in show homes. Money conversations can be challenging but are crucial when making a new purchase. You don't want to end up disliking something you thought you loved due to cost implications and how it impacts your daily life.



What do you envision achieving with your new purchase?

Do you require a range that can effortlessly prepare a lavish Sunday dinner each week, with various dishes needing different baking temperatures?

Or perhaps you are the host who delights in entertaining guests, ensuring that the wine is perfectly chilled to complement a meticulously seared 45-day dry-aged steak.

Maybe you're a college student convinced that the 5-day-old unrefrigerated pizza just needs a quick warm-up.

Every individual has unique needs for their purchase, and that's perfectly okay – except maybe for the pizza situation. Your salesperson will appreciate knowing exactly what you expect from your appliance as not all features are available in every unit. Clarifying your requirements will ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs.


Ask questions.

Don't hesitate to ask questions and stay engaged in the process. Finding the perfect product may take a few visits to the store, but it's worth it in the end.

Trust in the expertise of your salesperson, who has been trained by manufacturers and their company, as well as through their experience helping others like you. Let their knowledge guide you to a purchase that will bring you happiness.

Share your excitement, ask questions, and share stories with your salesperson. You never know what valuable insights or connections you may gain from interacting with a sales professional.



Your salesperson's goal is to ensure you find the perfect unit for your needs. A smaller budget doesn't mean sacrificing quality; it just means considering different features that align with your priorities. Money conversations can be tough, but they are essential in making a satisfying purchase that enhances your daily life.



Published by Wesley T. on Tuesday, March 19th