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The Scoop on Craft Ice

Craft ice is a term used by LG which describes their innovative ice making refrigerator feature. Craft ice, is ice that melts slower than regular ice, avoiding a watered-down beverage. It may seem like a funny thing to care about, but craft ice is a hot (or cold haha) commodity these days, especially for the dinner party enthusiast or the cocktail and whiskey connoisseur.

How is craft ice made?

Craft ice is made by removing the bubbles that you would typically find in a regular ice cube. The ice is also typically shaped in a sphere to reduce the surface area of the ice in contact with a liquid. This allows the ice to cool your drink for a longer period of time, while preventing it from being watered down.

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What is special about craft ice?

Craft ice has been made popular in some high-end dining and bar establishments. When you want to enjoy the finer things, you want them to look as good as they taste, and you don’t want them watered down, losing the bold flavours. Craft ice offers the beauty of a clear sphere chilling your beverage and allowing the bold flavours and colours to remain the star. 

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Why should you get a craft ice fridge?

Having a refrigerator that produces craft ice is definitely a bonus. Designed for those who like to host dinner parties or scotch drinkers who want to enjoy the bold, peaty flavours of their Lagavulin 16 to the very last drop. We can’t say otherwise that it’s an absolute necessity but if you are in the market for a new fridge and craft ice is an important feature to have, LG has a great selection that will easily check off your must-haves. 

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We've compiled a list below of the various LG Craft Ice Refrigerators we carry – available in multiple finishes, styles and depths: 

LG Counter Depth:

LG French Door:

LG Counter Depth + Instaview:



Published by Wesley T. on Wednesday, May 3rd