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Preparing your Garden for Summer

Now that the weather is finally warm enough for all of us to get to enjoy our backyards again, we wanted to help you get your gardens ready. Nothing beats grilling up some tasty treats in your own personal sanctuary.

Step One: Before you get started shopping and planting, the best thing you can do is wander around your space and see what it is you may need or fix. Winter in Canada can wreak some havoc on outdoor spaces so knowing what you’re dealing with before you get going is always helpful and can help prevent you from spending more than you need to.

Step Two: Make sure you prepare all of your lawn equipment. You’ll want to check out that your lawn mower is running properly, your tools are sharp and that you make a list of any other tools or accessories you may need like planters, soil or even a sprinkler.

Step Three: Once that’s completed, you’ll be ready to clean out your flowerbeds. Rake up any dead leaves, remove fallen branches and remove any of last year’s plants that may be left over.

Step Four: Now you’re ready to go shopping and get some plants. Make sure you take note of which areas of your yard gets shade and what parts get sun. Certain plants need much more sun than others (usually the flowery ones) so it’s helpful to know what you need to buy and what will thrive in your space.

Step Five: Get planting! Be careful when you’re transplanting your plants and give them plenty of water once you’ve replanted them. Mix in any needed fertilizer or plant food and begin to enjoy your hard work!

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Published by Peter from Goemans on Monday, May 25th