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Ordering The Correct Door Swing

The left or right door swing of an appliance is a great thing to consider, to allow the optimal flow and use of space in your kitchen. But, how do you know what you need? The first thing to do is determine where you plan to place the appliance and think about the layout. Consider the workspace and traffic flow and see what makes sense.

There are some single door units that can be switched to allow the door to open from either side, and some single doors that are not reversible plus there are side by sides and french doors that have a shallower door swing – a good solution if there is an island in front, or in a galley kitchen. If a fridge does have water in the door, it most likely will not have a reversible door due to the water line which would run through the door. This feature is most common in Fisher & Paykel. These models will be available in a left or a right swing.

How do you know which swing to order?

The way I was taught how to recognize the left swing vs the right swing is to stand in front of the unit, open the door and whatever hand you can open the door with and not get in the way of the door is the side that the swing is set. The hinge location at the top and bottom of the door is the swing you are requesting. Handles will be the opposite side to the swing, so a handle on the left side means you are looking at a right swing unit and a handle on the right will be a left swing unit.

Fridges, wine and beverage centres, ice makers, and even some wall ovens have different door swings to consider.

Please visit one of our stores to see all the different styles of appliances that we carry and talk to one of our helpful staff to find out the best unit for you.

Published by Wesley T. on Monday, December 5th