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How to Properly Organize the Food in Your Fridge

How to Properly Organize the Food in Your Fridge

Cleaning and organizing your refrigerator keeps your food fresh and your kitchen cleaner, but it’s one task that so many of us put on the back burner. It can be time consuming and sometimes daunting, but keeping your refrigerator organized from the get-go can help make cleaning it easier in the future. Here are a few tips that will help to keep your fridge organized and looking super clean.

A good place to start is with your crispers. The crispers provide a place to store your fresh fruits and vegetables. Create the perfect environment for your produce by keeping one crisper drawer at a lower humidity for your fruits, and the other drawer at a higher humidity for your vegetables. This will help you to prolong the freshness of your produce.

Moving up from the crispers, the lowest shelf in the fridge should be used to store your packaged meats. Because there is the possibility that they can leak or drip down to other shelfs and contaminate other foods, storing it on the lowest shelf helps to limit the area in which it can leak or drip. If you aren’t using one of your crispers, throw your meat in there to further contain any drips or leaks. Another option is to store your meats on the lower shelf, but in a bin so that the meat is separated from all other foods.

The top/highest shelf available should be used to store your eggs, as the top shelf has the most consistent temperature. Be sure to keep your eggs in their original container as this helps to keep the eggs from absorbing any odours or flavours.

As for last night’s leftover Chinese, you’ll want to store this along with any other leftovers on the shelf just below the eggs – the second highest shelf. This separates the cooked food from anything that may be raw, again helping to minimize the chances of contamination.

Use your food bins located behind the door to store foods that have a longer shelf life such as condiments or drinks. The doors tend to be the warmest part of the fridge, while the back of the fridge tends to be the coolest. This is where you want to store your milk. Other dairy products such as cheese or butter can be placed in the dairy compartment.

Most importantly, be sure not to overfill your fridge so that you don’t block the vents from properly circulating the cool air which helps maintain a consistent temperature.

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Published by The Goemans Family on Monday, February 4th