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DIY Fall Decor

It’s the season of falling leaves, crackling fires and cozy blankets. We’re not sure about you, but we can’t get enough of the autumn season and all that it brings. That’s exactly why we love to celebrate it with fun fall décor spread throughout our homes. 

The only issue is that purchasing home décor for every season can get pretty pricey and it can be hard to find stuff you really like. Which is why we’ve curated this awesome list of DIY Home Décor ideas for you. This way you can decorate your home, without breaking the bank and always have the option to change things up!

Clay Pot Scare Crow
This is one of the cutest DIY crafts we’ve seen out there! It’s a great activity to do with the kids, you can have them help decorate their own (as long as you’re there to help with the glue gun). All you need is some mini clay pots, twine, bits of burlap and simple paint!

You’ll find the whole tutorial here:

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 1.58.24 PM

Wine Cork Pumpkin
Start collecting your wine corks! For those of you looking for more mature décor, you’ve got to create this super cute Wine Cork Pumpkin! It’s the perfect centrepiece for a thanksgiving dinner or to have on the windowsill, just for fun. You need only a few items for this one including, wine corks, paint, twine, some felt and a glue gun. We bet your friends will be begging to know where you got it!

Complete instructions available:

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 1.59.54 PM

Tin Can Votives
These, we would say, may be for the more advanced crafters out there, but they’re worth giving a shot because they’re a gorgeous addition to a holiday table. They take a bit of patience and a steady hand – definitely not one for the kids, but they are fun to make and the options of design are endless. Give it a shot if you can :P.

Instructions can be found here

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 2.02.20 PM

Gourd Candles
These are pretty easy and super fun to make for fall, you can get the kids involved for these also – outside of cutting the top off the gourd, of course. There’s also various ways to make them; one involves hollowing out the gourd and pouring wax inside, or just inserting a tea light into a hole you’ve cut into the gourd itself. If you want the candle to last longer than a couple weeks, pouring the wax inside is a better way to preserve the gourd.

Go ahead, give ‘em a try

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 2.03.51 PM


Whichever of these crafts tickles your fancy, you don’t need huge budget to get them done. All it takes is a quick trip to the craft store and a bit of extra time on a rainy day! They’re all really fun to make and don’t take a lot of special skills. Get the kids involved too, it’s nice for them to help contribute to fun décor that’s scattered around the house!

Happy Fall Everyone! 

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Published by Kelly - Goemans Trend Blogger on Thursday, September 5th