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Brand Spotlight: Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel has been producing innovative and quality appliances since 1934. Their philosophy is built around not only understanding technology but people as well. They focus on building appliances that will enrich people’s lives and challenge traditional design.

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Beginning in New Zealand, Olive Paykel had requested her husband import a Crosley Refrigerator for her after she had seen one in an American magazine. It turned out to be a popular request as more and more people began requesting the refrigerator in New Zealand, Olive’s son – Maurice Paykel and son-in-law Woolf Fisher, began their business importing  refrigerators. When New Zealand eventually banned important manufactured products, Fisher & Paykel decided to manufacture their own appliances, in New Zealand.

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Fisher & Paykel launched a successful company, manufacturing appliances for their country, but they strived to do more than just make products. They wanted to challenge the norms and create their own pathway when it came to the appliance manufacturing industry. They focused on people’s needs, their way of life and started to create some of the most innovative appliances available.
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Built on the foundation of curiosity and innovation, Fisher & Paykel has continued developing new technology and continued to research the best ways to meet their customers individual lifestyles and needs. They not only aim to satisfy consumers, but the environment as well. A big focus in the recent years for Fisher & Paykel has been to create sustainable design with respect for the planet. They’ve created comprehensive recycling programs alongside energy and water consumption reduction efforts. Ultimately, Fisher & Paykel wants to minimize their environmental footprint as much as possible for the future of the planet.

Overall, Fisher & Paykel set out to create real appliances for real people and they have continued to uphold this mission for over 80 years. Their appliances are now sold in over 50 countries around the world and they continue to grow, innovate and impress year after year.


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Published by Sarah - Goemans Appliance Expert on Friday, December 13th